Vegetarian? Should I Be?


I really wanted to do something different as far as my health is concerned. But I really didn’t know what I wanted to do as far as the changes that I wanted to make. I have been wanting to detox my body for a very long time, and I felt like this month (October) was the right time to make that change and to detox my body. I decided for the month of October that I wanted to eliminate meat from my diet and see what exactly, would happen. I know taking yourself off of something can be challenging, but I was ready for the challenge.

My health has really been the fore front for me for the past couple of months. I definitely want to become healthier and I wanted to start making better decisions for my body and my over all well-being. So I took myself off of meat. I have been meat less for 1 week and 4 days. I can say that I have started to see little things starting to happen which I expected to happen.

Changing over to vegan food my body had to get use to it. I am still getting use to begin food, but it is definitely growing on me. I have found that veggie burgers are by far thee best thing ever! I fell in love with them when I first tried them. I do recommend that to anyone that is looking into becoming a vegetarian. My body had to get use to not being on meat. I did see that my energy changed it went from low to now at a place where I feel like I have major energy.

My body I feel has and is going through a withdrawal moment I can definitely feel it and it is only because I have taken something that my body had been dependent on for so many years and I am no longer giving it to my body.

My overall goal is to see what will happen to my body and if any changes occur. I will make my decision at the end  of the month if I will fully go vegetarian or not. I want to know more about it so I have been doing research.

I will say for anyone that wants to try out being a vegetarian make sure you do your research, and do it because you want to do it. I am doing this because I want to see the changes that will happen to my health.

I will keep you guys updated about my journey.



Until the next post!





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3 thoughts on “Vegetarian? Should I Be?


    That’s fantastic Jamia ! Keep going it will be so worth it. I usually eat meat once a month but I prefer fish if I feel I need something meaty though. You can start slowly and eventually drop meat off your diet completely.

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    • Jamia says:

      Thanks so much Donna! I can definitely say that I am seeing a major difference in my body and my overall health. I am definitely learning as I go. Thanks for the words of encouragement Queen! Keep shinning.


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