A Hard Comeback

This was definitely a hard comeback. Not because I didn’t miss blogging, but because so much has been happening in my life, that I didn’t think that I would be back. I have missed the blogging community, but most importantly I have missed the feeling of grabbing my laptop (besides doing homework or work related assignments) and writing until I felt like I couldn’t write anymore.

So, I know you may be wondering well where have you been?

Good question. I have been maintaining. That’s truly the honest answer that I can give you. I got a new job where I am working full-time, I’m in Grad School trying to finish out strong, and I accepted my calling into ministry (I’m a minister now). My schedule has been hectic and I am the first to admit that I need to get better, when it comes to organizing my thoughts, and the things that I need to do.

Trying to balance has been hard, but leaving my first love behind,  by far has been the hardest thing I have had to do. I miss writing, and I miss the inspiration that struck up my imagination, to help me to create, and write what I feel.

But I am back, I promised myself that I would not allow for my gift of writing to go in vain.

I genuinely want to thank each and every one of my followers for the continued love and support. It definitely does not go unnoticed. Also to my new followers, welcome to the family. Make yourself at home.

I am committing myself to writing more, and engaging more with you all.

I miss this and I am never leaving, this long ever again.

Life has been life and I am embracing this new change, and shift that has happened in my life, but I am also preparing for the many changes that are happening in my life as well.

As I continue to grow I hope all of you stay for this amazing ride, because I have some amazing content that I want to release to the world.

I am definitely preparing for 2018, by making sure I get my house in order. Do you guys remember hearing that old saying?

Sometimes those old sayings speak so much volume.

I will be back with another post, I promise.


Until next time. With love always. ♥




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