Master’s of Science in Community Psychology – Thoughts from a GRAD STUDENT

I am finally free! Those words sound so good.

Finals exhausted me, but I am finally free until winter break is over. I will not complain because  I was able to complete all of my assignments and I did pretty well if I must say so myself. I am finally back to blogging and writing and I am excited about that. I just wanted to stop by because I have definitely missed you all.

If you are like me then you know finals takes over your life completely. You are stressed, walking around looking a mess, and just trying to maintain and get the semester over with. I am so happy that I was able to finish off my last project and finally enjoy a weekend to myself.

I have missed out on so many things. Watching my favorite Netflix shows and just lounging around my house and doing absolutely nothing.

I am ready to complete my Master’s degree. But I am enjoying the ride. Next year I will be completely done. And I am humbled by this experience. I am thinking about my internship,  and seeing if I want to get my doctorate degree right after, I graduate or take a year break.

I am still debating on that decision. I will say if you are in school. Good luck, keep pushing and never give up. You are almost there and you are one step closer to graduation.


Overall I am doing good, just trying to get everything together for 2018. I want to make sure that I am coming into the new year on track and smashing as many goals as I can.


Stay inspired and never give up! 



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