Trust the Process- The Struggle

I have been going through a lot of transitions towards the end of this year. I have found myself in this uncomfortable space in my life. I have been feeling like things are slowly coming to and end, and I am stepping into something new and better in my life, if that makes sense. I am not afraid because I am ready for this shift and major change to happen in my life. I guess you can say I am in this reflective stage in my life, where I am reflecting on my life, and seeing all of the things that I have accomplished and gone through this year.


One thing that I have discovered is trusting the process of your life can be extremely hard. Sometimes I wish I could fast forward my life just to see where I will be in 5 or even 10 years. But I know doing that would not be the best thing to do. Only because I would not appreciate my journey or I wold become lazy because I already know how my life is going to turn out. Trust is a very hard thing for me and that topic will be for another post,  but it is. Trust is a concept that I am trying to maintain and learn. But in order for any process to be successful in your life. God must be present. I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for my spirituality and my relationship with God. I probably would not be here today. Again that is another story for another blog post.

Trust and being confident while you wait can be hard. But I have learned that if you have trust and you trust the plans God has for you. With that mindset comes confidence, and you finding peace while you wait. Now what I mean by wait is waiting for that shift to happen in your life.


My shift is on its way. How do I know, because I can feel it. The old is closing in my life and I am embracing the new in my life. It feels good honestly. It’s a little scary and yes you get to a point where you are tired of trying but it gets better day by day. Moment by moment it gets better and it’s going to get better.


To whoever is reading this. Trust the process. Don’t rush it or become anger during the process because you will miss out on what’s happening while you are waiting. In your moments where you are waiting. God is building you up, he’s strengthening you and he is molding you into something even better.

We cannot remain at the same level. After a while it is time for us to step up to the next level in our lives and move forward. That’s what I’m doing moving forward and embracing what life has to offer me.

There will definitely be some hard times and moments, but I know that the good always outweigh the bad.


I hope that you begin to trust your process and that you move forward confidently and boldly the new direction God is taking you in.


Until Next Time Family.

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