#24KMagic #BlessedLife


It finally happened!! I turned 24 in November and I must say that I am excited about climbing the ladder of my 20’s. I feel like with age I honestly learn more and more about myself, and I get better. 24 to me I like to consider this year in my life the magic year. Where everything that I plant into the atmosphere, it will manifest.

With this new era of life I do want to travel as well as learn and grow, and try new things. I definitely want to step out of my comfort zone and put all of my fear into the things that I want to do this year.

I am not waiting until 2017, I am actually doing some of those things now. 24 means to work hard, grind even harder, and prepare yourself for your 30’s. I am in no way rushing myself to get to 30 but, I want to make sure that I grind it out in my 20’s so in my 30’s all I have to do is work smarter and wiser and not as hard.

I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve and I can honestly say that 23 was very good to me. I was able to achieve some major milestones.

I graduated with my second degree, I bought my first car 2 days before my 24th birthday. I was blessed with a career job that I love, I’m going back to school again (lol) and I am just extremely  blessed. Not because of the material things, but because I can honestly see the growth that is happening in my life.

It has been a transition that I’ve had to adjust to,  but I am thankful that each transition that I experience, leads me to a place where I am taking on new challenges and where I am experiencing God’s grace and love.

It feels good to be 24 and I am so ready to grow and have you guys grow with me as well.

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