Trust the Process- The Struggle

I have been going through a lot of transitions towards the end of this year. I have found myself in this uncomfortable space in my life. I have been feeling like things are slowly coming to and end, and I am stepping into something new and better in my life, if that makes sense. I … Continue reading Trust the Process- The Struggle

Master’s of Science in Community Psychology – Thoughts from a GRAD STUDENT

I am finally free! Those words sound so good. Finals exhausted me, but I am finally free until winter break is over. I will not complain because  I was able to complete all of my assignments and I did pretty well if I must say so myself. I am finally back to blogging and writing … Continue reading Master’s of Science in Community Psychology – Thoughts from a GRAD STUDENT

A Hard Comeback

This was definitely a hard comeback. Not because I didn't miss blogging, but because so much has been happening in my life, that I didn't think that I would be back. I have missed the blogging community, but most importantly I have missed the feeling of grabbing my laptop (besides doing homework or work related … Continue reading A Hard Comeback

How living in the moment helped me to focus on life moments

I'm a perfectionist, there I said it. I have a hard time giving up control, and letting things just flow.  I'm the type of person I have to know every single detail about everything. I can admit that it took me some time to face my own truth. The truth is you cannot control life. … Continue reading How living in the moment helped me to focus on life moments

Loving myself became my first priority

I love me some me! I am one to confess that it wasn't always so easy for me to say those words. I know there are many blogs, books, and videos explaining how "loving yourself" is the most important thing. But if we can be honest it is not so easy for some to say … Continue reading Loving myself became my first priority

16 Lessons 2016 taught me

  The new year is here, and I can be one to admit that I am happy that 2016 is behind me. 2016 was a year full of great moments, and not so great moments, but through it all I am extremely blessed to have made it to see another year. 2016 taught me so … Continue reading 16 Lessons 2016 taught me

#24KMagic #BlessedLife

It finally happened!! I turned 24 in November and I must say that I am excited about climbing the ladder of my 20's. I feel like with age I honestly learn more and more about myself, and I get better. 24 to me I like to consider this year in my life the magic year. … Continue reading #24KMagic #BlessedLife

Vegetarian? Should I Be?

I really wanted to do something different as far as my health is concerned. But I really didn't know what I wanted to do as far as the changes that I wanted to make. I have been wanting to detox my body for a very long time, and I felt like this month (October) was … Continue reading Vegetarian? Should I Be?

Facial Cleansing Brush Review 2016

 Facial Cleansing Brushes have been the hottest thing this year so I decided to see what the fuss was all about. from Youtubers to even commercials you see a lot of advertisement for this brush.  I purchased mine from Forever21 and it only cost me about $5.00. Mine is not the automatic one that runs … Continue reading Facial Cleansing Brush Review 2016

June Favorites 2016- Blogging Edition

It's June! Which means that summer has finally approached us. Seeing that June is almost over I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites things for this month. Details about each item will be listed as well as the price for each of these items. Hope you guys enjoy see you in … Continue reading June Favorites 2016- Blogging Edition