How living in the moment helped me to focus on life moments

I’m a perfectionist, there I said it.

I have a hard time giving up control, and letting things just flow.  I’m the type of person I have to know every single detail about everything. I can admit that it took me some time to face my own truth. The truth is you cannot control life. No matter how hard we try to control every aspect in our lives, it is impossible to be on top of everything.

You cannot control life, and trying to control everything starts to get tiring after a while.

I have come to this place of realization that living in the moment helped me to see things clearly in my life.

I discovered that just going with the flow made me happier. I found myself smiling more, and I was able to enjoy life’s moments by just being in the moment.

I know with life we all deal with life differently. We have responsibilities, and it can be hard to focus on just living when you have so many things to take care of. Trust me I know, but I discovered that if you are so caught up on being in control and having control, you miss sight on what’s important.


How can you live your best life if you are constantly stressed out and trying to control things that is just out of your control?

The reality is you cannot control the stumbling blocks that happen to be thrown in your life. That’s life. Things will mess up, no one or nothing on earth is perfect. Which means perfection is a goal that we can strive to achieve, but being perfect all of the time is BORING.

Sorry, but it is. I have tried it and it gets to a point where it gets stagnant and it starts to get annoying.

Honestly who wants to be perfect 24/7? I know I don’t

Living in the moment helped me to be present, and to notice the little things throughout the day.

I was able to be present in conversations and to pay attention to what that person was actually saying to me.

I was able to be apart of my community, and to feel like I was apart of life. It felt good to be in a place where I did not have to think about what I had to do the next day.

What I really want to say is, live in the moment as much as possible. Don’t miss out on life because you want to be in control. Live this life, and don’t take it for granted, because time is inevitable and before you know it you will have regrets and I mean really who wants regrets?


















All rights reserved © 2017 Jamia Denise 

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