Pros and Cons of Blogging

  I can't speak for anyone else, but blogging for me is a way ,where I can create what I want. I am in control of the content that I put on my site. I love the fact that I can do what I love and that's write. When I first started blogging I had... Continue Reading →


Smoothie’s that are BOMB (March #healthseries)

 Smoothies are an absolute favorite of mine, not only because they taste good, but because they are really good for you. Seeing that it is March I decided to do a  #healthy series on my blog dedicated to all things healthy. I have been on this lifestyle journey for about a year now , but... Continue Reading →

Favorite Make-up Products ( February Edition)

      Make-up guru absolutely not! I am still trying to perfect my liquid eyeliner (lol). But there are some products that I have been using that I am obsessed with. I have watched over a million make-up videos on YouTube and the skills that it takes to beat that face to perfection takes... Continue Reading →

Every NO is leading you to a powerful YES

      I may be the wrong one to give someone else advice because I myself need to listen to my own advice. As hard as it is we all know that it’s easier to help others and guide others in the right direction, and it’s a struggle to be able to help yourself.... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award!

    Hi Beautiful Kings and Queens!   I'm Jamia Denise I love blogging because it's something that I really enjoy doing, and it's something that has taught me 2 valuable lessons that I will keep with me. 1. Write what you love 2. Do it because you love to do it. Those two lessons... Continue Reading →

Hair care products that I love (Natural hair)

      Taking care of yourself is very important, but making sure that your hair is being taken care of is huge for me. I have been natural going on a year in March. I want to make sure that I am growing my hair and that my hair is healthy and remains healthy.... Continue Reading →

Canon Powershot ( Does this make me Official? )

Seeing that it is 2016 I definitely want to be able to grow with my blog and talk about a variety of topics that I enjoy talking about. With blogging you definitely want to make sure that you are putting out decent, clean, and great content. I am learning that as I continue on with... Continue Reading →

30 Day Prayer Challenge ( My Thoughts)

It’s 2016 and I know we all have set goals for ourselves that we want to achieve before the year is up. I as well have made some goals and one of my goals is to strengthen my relationship with God and to build a stronger and deeper connection with him. My church is doing... Continue Reading →

My Trip to the Museum

I was able to take a trip to the Museum in Toledo, OH and I will say that this trip was an amazing one. Only because I have not been to a Museum in almost 8+ years. I know that is horrible. I was really excited when I was able to attend and to be... Continue Reading →

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