16 Lessons 2016 taught me

16 lessons 2016 taught me.png


The new year is here, and I can be one to admit that I am happy that 2016 is behind me. 2016 was a year full of great moments, and not so great moments, but through it all I am extremely blessed to have made it to see another year. 2016 taught me so much about myself and I am ready for the shift that is happening in my life. Overall I can say that 2016 helped me to discover so much about myself that I wanted to share just a few of those small lessons with you.


  1. Overvalue yourself
  2. Growth
  3. Be fearless with my pursuits 
  4. Spread more love
  5. Kick depression ” to the curb” 
  6. Learn to love yourself more
  7. Stop holding limitations on yourself 
  8. Your past does not define you
  9. Follow your calling
  10. Your passion matters
  11. Stay woke 
  12. Operate in Faith
  13. Travel 
  14. Live life fully
  15. Speak less do more
  16. Take you seriously 

Overall I have learned that in order for your dreams to become your reality you have to make sure that you are putting in the work. Your dedication must match up with what you are trying to accomplish. I can admit that I did start off 2016 on the right track, and because life happened I found myself trying to maintain but lost track. This year in 2017 I started before the next year even came. I made a promise to myself that I was going to kick-start my purpose into high gear and that I was going to keep it that way. It is so easy to loose focus, but I know that I want to change not only my life, but my family life as well. That will not happen unless I commit to my aspirations, and work on me (for real this time). Many times we say this year I am going to focus on me and we never do, but this year I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I am allowing myself to experience freedom and all that comes with it. You have to let the DEAD things go in your life and make room for better opportunities and people to enter your life. I am no longer holding on to Depression or Negativity. Those two things are leaving my life for good. I am no longer limiting myself or placing my self value in people. This year will not bring a new me, this year will bring out the me that has always been inside of me. I am definitely ready for this journey.










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