Favorite Phone Cases 2016


Phone cases has seriously become my new addiction. Especially considering the fact that it is summer and that Amazon has over a billion cases that you can choose from that only costs you between $1.99 up to $10.99 depending on the cases that you get. I love the fact that I am able to switch up my cases whenever I want to. I think m cases for me express who I am in some way. I try to get cases that attracts my attention and I the cases that I will be talking about I will make sure that I leave where I got them as well as how much they were.



BEAR CASE-  I purchased this case for about $2.99 on Amazon. It did take about two weeks to get to me only because it was shipping from overseas. I was totally okay with that considering the fact that I loved this case so much once I was able to get my hands on it. It was free shipping which was great for me. I love this and have gotten so many compliments on this case. I know a lot of times getting packages people worry if the phone case came with a smell. No it did not it did at first smell a little rubbery but after the first day I could not smell anything else. I love this case because it is so cute and no it is not a MOSCHINO case at all, but I still love it. If you want to purchase it on Amazon all you have to type in is “iPhone bear case” or “android bear case” whichever device you have.

MEOW CASE- I fell in love with this case when I first seen this. I purchased this from Forever21 in their clearance bin which I thought was a good deal. I paid $7.00 for this case and I can not leave this case alone. I love the design of it and the fact that it has gold detailing around it. It makes my phone looks so beautiful. This is by far one of my favorite cases of all times. It’s very sturdy and reliable and definitely protects your case. If you cannot find this case in Forever21. Try online either Amazon or other phone case websites to see if they have something like this or similar to it.

PURPLE CASE- This purple case I got from Walgreens yes can you believe it. I believe I paid about $5.00 for this case. This case is a really sturdy case and I use it when I am going to places where I know I will be doing a lot of moving and running around. I like for my phone to be protected because we all know replacing an iPhone screen can be costly. What I love about this case is the fact that i am able to put my ID or my cards in the back of the case and it keeps me from having to carry my big purse on the days when I need to get around and I am doing a lot of things like running errands and handling business. I do recommend this case for those that have slippery fingers this case is definitely for you. If you cannot find this case at walgreens try Amazon I’m pretty sure you can find something similar.

STARBUCKS CASE- My Starbucks case is something that I wanted to try to step out of my phone case comfort zone (lol). I am not a crazed fan over Starbucks but I do love it whenever I am able to stop by and get something. I thought this case was super cute and fun and I loved the fact that it was a Starbucks cup. This case is really good at protecting your phone if you drop it and it keeps the phone in place. It fits true to size so whatever phone you have it definitely will fit. I purchased this case from Amazon for about $2.49 I believe. You can go online to Amazon and get the same case whichever device you have. Shipping does take some time, but it will be worth it once you receive your case.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!


Peace and Blessings! 


All rights reserved © 2016 Jamia Denise


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