April Favorites 2016



April is fastly coming to an end and I wanted to share with you guys some of my April favorites that I love, and I am obsessed with. Seeing that the weather is warming up I am excited because I can finally enjoy the outdoor. With warmer weather I can create freely without having to be confined to the house. If you are like me you love the outdoors, and I love being able to see different things that are happening around me. It helps me to strengthen my skills when it comes to creating dope content. Now that the sun is shinning it definitely makes it easier to be able to create.


Here are my favorites that I am obsessed with! I will first start off with my Canon camera if you seen my post on my camera you know that I have had this camera for a very long time but never got the chance to use it. I made a promise that as soon as it got warmer that I would take advantage of creating some amazing photos and sharing them with you guys. I definitely want to strengthen up my photography skills. Now I do not want to be a photographer but I do want to be able to take and learn how to take some pretty dope pictures. I do plan on vacationing a lot this year and traveling so what better time to practice than by using my camera. This is my favorite “start off” camera because it gives me the ability to learn and prepare myself towards getting a DSLR camera which I am excited about getting when the time is right.

My two phone cases I am obsessed with them. I purchased them for my iPhone about three weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with them. I wanted something different for my phone case and these were the right cases that I was looking for. Seeing that Spring is here and that summer is around the corner. I mean why not? I purchased both of these cases from Amazon. I love both of these cases I mean look at the teddy bear one I am just obsessed.

My iPad which I purchased for myself about two months ago. I was extremely happy to get one because I have been saving up for one. I was using my Galaxy tablet which I loved as well but I always wanted an iPad and I ended up buying me one at a very good price. I love this I am able to do so much. Edit videos, read class books on the go, watch movies, facetime, and just so much more. I have this on me all of the time.

Now these shoes I purchased from Rainbows for about 10 bucks which was a pretty good steal. I am always looking for shoes that I can slide my feet right in and just go and I can do this with these shoes. Especially for vacation when I don’t want to put on my pretty sandals on when I get out of the pool. I can just slide these bad boy right on and just go about my business.  These shoes are really comfortable and I love the fact that you can adjust the straps on the shoes to make them tighter or loose depending on your preference.

I hope you guys enjoyed my April favorites! I love doing this and may start incorporating this into my blog because it’s fun to be able to share the things that I love.

In the comments let me know what are some of your favorites for the month of April.


Until Next Time, 

Peace & Blessings! 

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