Favorite Make-up Products ( February Edition)




Make-up guru absolutely not! I am still trying to perfect my liquid eyeliner (lol). But there are some products that I have been using that I am obsessed with. I have watched over a million make-up videos on YouTube and the skills that it takes to beat that face to perfection takes someone talented. Now don’t get me wrong I’m talented I know I am but this make-up thing I’m still playing catch up if you know what I mean. I mean maybe you don’t because you are probably one of the million women out there who knows how to BEAT FACE honey! lol I’m sorry a little to weird, yeah okay I’ll calm down. So what was I talking about, oh yeah my favorite make-up products for the month of February. I hope you enjoy.

IMG_1106.JPG Brushes are crucial and I do not have a brush set that cost a lot of money, but when I  find products that I love I make sure that I stick with them. These beauties are “elf” brushes and they both were exactly $1.00 each which is great for me. Considering the fact that I don’t know that much about brushes. Both of these brushes are foundation brushes.


IMG_1165.JPG Cocoa Butter Oil is my LIFE I use this for everything. My hair, my skin and I mean it’s just great to have. But in all seriousness I use this on my face because I have really sensitive skin. This keeps my skin from drying out and it actually helps my face from breaking out. I got this from my beauty supply store for $1.00 so you can’t beat that.


IMG_1157.JPG  Here is my concealer that I love I think it is L.A. girls Pro Concealer HD. I don’t use foundation on my face so I use this concealer for my little acne bumps or anything that I need to hide on my face. I don’t use too much. I try to put as little as possible on my face. I got this from my beauty supply store I believe for about $2.00 if I am not mistaken.

IMG_1142.JPG For my powder I use L.A. Colors Mineral pressed powder. This is by far the best powder that I have ever used. I love this product. If I don’t use my concealer. This powder makes sure that it covers up everything. Which I love because when I don’t feel like concealer I just use this powder. I’ve lately  been using the powder instead of the concealer  just because I like to make sure that my face feels light. I don’t like too much make-up. I got this from my beauty supply store for about $3.00.

IMG_1124.JPG  My shimmer powder I fell in love when I first saw it. I didn’t know anything about this product until I watched some YouTube videos. I love this product because it definitely gives me the bronze look as well as give me a little shimmer as well. It matches my skin tone and it looks really good when taking selfie’s. I got this from my beauty supply store for about I believe $3.00 as well.


IMG_1169.JPG For my eye shadows I make sure that I keep it simple and neutral. I am all for natural and neutral colors. I like to stick with my browns and tans, and light peach colors. I think that looks really good on me. As you can see I love using the brown one that it’s almost gone (lol). I love this product because it lasts for a really long time. I had this for about almost going on 8 months which I think is really good. This is not a name brand eye shadow. I got this from my beauty supply store for about $2.00.


IMG_1152.JPG   These lip pencils are LIFE I tell you. I go through these things quickly, because I love the way they make my lips feel and look. I love dark colors for my lip and finding the right color especially for us brown girls is crucial. SO when we find one we definitely make sure that we stick with it. I don’t know if these are name brand but I did get these for a $1.00 at my beauty supply store. I love these lip pencils because they don’t dry my lips and it’s super easy to take off.


I hope you enjoy my February make-up favorites. In the comment section below let me know what are some of your favorite products.




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