Every NO is leading you to a powerful YES




I may be the wrong one to give someone else advice because I myself need to listen to my own advice. As hard as it is we all know that it’s easier to help others and guide others in the right direction, and it’s a struggle to be able to help yourself. I on the other hand am trying to maintain and do both. As much as I love helping other people I also know that it is important that I take care of myself as well. The same advice I give is the same advice I should implement in my life at no cost.


We all have heard the word NO and yes being told NO is one of the most frustrating, yet challenging things that I know for myself is hard to overcome. As I have gotten older I have started to notice how as many times as I hear the word NO a powerful YES is always around the corner. Rejection sucks I mean there isn’t anything else that I can say about that, and I for one feared rejection, only because I felt like someone rejecting me was because I was not good enough. I was DEAD wrong period! Man’s rejection is God’s protection and you must understand that everything that you want, it just might not be for you. Trust me it’s okay, you don’t always have to get those opportunities that you think are amazing. What may appear amazing on the outside may not be on the inside. What I mean by that is just because an opportunity presents itself, and you think it’s the best thing ever sometimes it just isn’t a good fit.


DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT base your self-worth or your inadequacy on an opportunity or the word NO. The reason you didn’t get that home you wanted is because it just wasn’t meant for you. You didn’t get that job because it just wasn’t for you. That relationship that you so badly wanted to work out sad to say it just wasn’t meant for you. Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve nice things. no what that means is what’s for you will be just for you. It will fit you perfectly, you won’t have to beg, nag, or step out of your character why? Those opportunities and those blessings will be yours and only yours. A powerful YES is so worth it in the end I promise you.


I had to learn this the hard way, I use to get upset when things I wanted didn’t happen, but I had to learn that God always has something better for you. What’s mine is mine and that is why I am content because all the things that are for me will gravitate towards me. I won’t have to do anything, but keep doing what I have been doing. As bad as hearing the word NO feels when you are in that moment when you hear a powerful YES I guarantee you the feeling that comes upon you I like to look at it as joy.


So to all of you that are out here maybe feeling a little bit down, or discouraged because you keep hearing the word NO. This is what I want you to do. I want you to dust yourself off, stop doubting yourself. Get up , get dressed go enjoy life, keep putting out those positive energies as much as possible, and relax because your powerful YES is on its way. Are you ready?




All rights reserved © 2016 Jamia Denise





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