Canon Powershot ( Does this make me Official? )

IMG_0243Seeing that it is 2016 I definitely want to be able to grow with my blog and talk about a variety of topics that I enjoy talking about. With blogging you definitely want to make sure that you are putting out decent, clean, and great content. I am learning that as I continue on with this journey that as a blogger you definitely have to make sure that you are committed to blogging. Blogging is very serious to some and for others it is a hobby. Blogging for me as of right now it is a hobby. Only because I am a College student in my last year and I do not have a lot of time to be able to produce the type of content that I want. Now that is not an excuse, but with anything that I do in life, I make sure that I give 100%. I do not want to give anything sloppy to my blogging. That is mainly why I have not gone independent with my blogging just yet because I feel like I need to make that commitment when I graduate from College.



Seeing that I am not an independent blogger, which means that I do not have my own domain name. There is no reason why my content cannot be great on my blog. I have had this Canon Powershot SX170 IS for about a year now and I have not been able to take the type of good quality pictures that I want with it. I have made a promise to myself that this year that I will use this camera to the best of its ability. This is not a DSLR camera but it is just a straight point and shoot, but you do have the opportunity to change its settings and its ISO settings as well which I think is pretty cool.

IMG_0258I believe that I have taken about 20 total pictures with this camera when I first got it and it has been in the box ever since. I was looking at other bloggers who were saying that they use their point and shoot camera to get their amazing photos and I thought to myself why am I just letting what God blessed me with go to waste? So I made up my mind that I am going to use this camera and use it and learn it, before I think about going out and spending my money to buy a DSLR camera.


camera-taking-pictures-animated-gif-33I am excited to showcase my growth with you guys as I continue to bring forth this content and I hope you guys can see my growth as well, as I continue on with blogging. There will be more content as it gets warmer with my camera such as scenery shots, and possibly a couple of outfit of the days. I just want to give you guys dope content that will help you to follow your dreams.

If I can do it , you guys definitely can do it!

All rights reserved © 2016 Jamia Denise

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