My Trip to the Museum

InShot_20151116_173908I was able to take a trip to the Museum in Toledo, OH and I will say that this trip was an amazing one. Only because I have not been to a Museum in almost 8+ years. I know that is horrible. I was really excited when I was able to attend and to be able to see all of the amazing artwork they had. This trip was very fun because I was able to hang out with my family and friends and have a good time. Taking selfie’s , laughing, and singing which we do all of the time. I am going to drop some of the photos that I took so you can guys can see what I got a chance to see. I recommend everyone going to a Museum at least once in their life. The art world is an amazing one where you can just be yourself and actually find           yourself if you enjoy art.  I definitely enjoyed myself and will be back inside of another Museum very soon. 

InShot_20151116_173735        InShot_20151116_173809

InShot_20151116_173841         InShot_20151116_173941

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