Let’s Smooth Your Day! (Smoothie recipes)

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It’s the summer time and most of us are trying to get healthy, enjoy the summer from school, and just make this summer the best summer it can possibly be! So I wanted to share with you guys some smoothie recipes I have been using to help me to feel better, and that really taste good as well. Now before I begin I will say I am no smoothie expert, I am just sharing with you guys some of my favorites. The key to smoothie making is test and trial and making the smoothie to your liking and no one else’s .

#1 Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Spinach Smoothie


This first smoothie I created when I first got my blender and I will say that it took me some time to be able to find smoothies that I really liked. This smoothie consisted of a lot of ingredients that I will give you guys down below. With this particular smoothie I will say I did not like this one so much only because it could have been a little bit better. But like I said when it comes to smoothie making it definitely is a test and trial type of thing.

Strawberries: 4 

Apple Slices: 5 

Bananas: 1 whole banana cut into pieces 

Spinach: Just a handful, not a lot 

Blend, Blend, and Blend until everything is blended well. I didn’t like this one so much only because I feel like I could have added something else to make it taste a little bit better. I am looking for my ingredients to add to this particular smoothie so if you guys have any suggestions I will try it out and do a update for you guys.

#2 Strawberry, Banana Smoothie


This smoothie is by far my favorite and I drink this after I work out which has helped me to be able to regain some energy after those hard workouts. I also drink this smoothie as snacks to help me to keep from snacking. This one I had to practice this one just to get it right to my tasting.

Strawberries:  5

Banana: 1 whole banana cut into pieces

Orange juice: fill the cup between 1/3  or  from your taste how much orange juice you would like in your smoothie.

Ice is a bonus that I added in their as well to give it a cool factor to it. 

#3 Blueberry, Banana Smoothie


This is another one of my favorites as well. This one was really good as well, like I said you have to try different things to  see if you like it .

Blueberries: I’m not for sure how many I used like I said make the smoothie yours between 10 to 12 should be okay. 

Banana: 1 whole banana cut into pieces

Orange Juice: Add as much or little it all depends on how you like it

Bonus: Ice Cubes to give it that coolness

And there you have it, I will be trying some more and as I continue to learn I will make sure that I keep you guys updated as well. If you will be drinking these in the morning make sure you put them in the freezer for a little bit or the fridge to let it get cold. They really taste good after they  have gotten cold. Like I said I drink these maybe 2 or 3 times a day and they really have been helping to give me more energy and to help me to loose weight.

Until next time


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