“Releasing My Potential”

Hey beautiful people this is Jamia here hitting you guys up with another blog post. Before I begin make sure you like, comment, share, and subscribe to the blog, I greatly appreciate it! So let’s get started because this one is going to be short and sweet for you guys.  

So let me guess you are in a position or a phase in your life where you feel like you are ready to show the world what you are capable of right? No, oh well I thought I was close but I guess not. I mean are you sure though , because it just seems like you have been stuck trying to figure out how to do what you love and still get paid to be able to take care of yourself. And yes I know it is very important to make sure that you are financially stable, but how are you 100% sure that your passion, your gifts won’t do just that? Now I know you are probably reading this and right now you probably are starting to get upset, or maybe not and you are wondering when will this girl ever stop. Well I can’t that’s the problem lol.

I see so many talent people who are afraid of stepping out on faith to actually live out their dreams because they are afraid of what the world may say. Well here is what I can tell you. Release your potential to the world. No one and I mean no one can take away what has been given to you by God period! No I am not about to argue with someone over this point that I just made because it is pointless to that.

You ultimately have to learn how to start believing in yourself, and yes I know it can be hard. Seeing so many beautiful people doing what you are passionate about doing, and then you start comparing yourself to others and then here comes the doubt. Yup that nasty little , okay I’m sorry about that , but you know what I mean.

I have reached a point in my life, and I do not know if it is because I am growing older, but fear is slowly starting to leave me. Now I will not say that I am 100% cured from fear because we all have moments where fear, nervousness, anxiety starts to kick in.

One thing that I can share with you is that if you do not live your life , following your purpose you will always have that feeling of being unfilled. Trust me I know, I stopped writing and doing poetry, and babyyyyy!!!! Let me tell you that was the biggest mistake of my life. I felt incomplete because writing is apart of my life. Using my words that’s my gift. Being so caught up with life and other stuff you forget about what’s important. Using your gifts, exercising your gifts, and preparing your gift for the moment when God opens so many doors for you to be able to use your gifts.

Ask yourself this serious question, would you want to die knowing that you were capable of doing so much more with your life? Do you really want to leave this earth knowing that not one person was touched by your gifts and talents? I know I do not and everyday I am making sure that my dreams becomes a reality. I do not want to leave this earth knowing that I had all of this potential and the only person who knew of what I was capable of being and doing, was my family and God.

I will not say that the journey to following your purpose is easy, because it is not. I’m not going to sit here and say that it is going to be all flowers and bunnies hopping everywhere because it’s not. You will have moments of weakness, you will fall , you will stumble, and you will cry. You will feel like everything you do goes unnoticed, but it’s not.

One thing that I have gained is that you have to keep pushing through. You can not give up, you have to stay in your ready for war mode. Some people will come in to test you, people will start acting funny or fake towards you. Family won’t believe in you, because they don’t understand your vision. And sometimes the one’s who you thought would never turn their back on you, well they will. But you have to keep pushing forward through all of that. It may seem hard, it won’t be easy, but in life what has ever come easy?

What is life without a little challenge. I mean I know you probably have been through worse in your life, but you will come out on top. Those who doubted you will have to congratulate you. Those who hated you, will become inspired by you. Now I know that statement probably through you off, but it’s the truth.

You have all the potential to be brave, courageous, smart, ambitious, intelligent, caring, lovable, resilient, and loved to be able to release your potential. So what are you waiting for because I’m done writing.

You still here, like seriously what are you waiting for? lol 

Much love


All rights reserved © 2015 Jamia Denise

2 thoughts on ““Releasing My Potential”

    • Jamia says:

      Thank you so very much! God is definitely amazing I can attest to that! Having faith in him can and will open so many doors!

      I will definitely be checking out your work, I look forward to it!


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